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Luxurious Homes for Sale in Lebanon, Adma


Homes and Apartments for Sale in Lebanon, designed with open spaces, full glass facades, home-automation ready, infinity swimming pool, gym, and gardens. Adma 236 is unique and special in every detail.

BUY your House in Adma 236 Mount Lebanon now and get a special discount and easy financing and access to infinity pool, gym, and gardens.

Adma 236 Layouts

Adma 236 is a Deluxe Luxury Apartments and Homes for Sale with Wide Sea View in Adma, Mount Lebanon

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Adma 236 is designed and supervised by RK Group with a portfolio of over 1,000,000 m2 of luxurious construction world wide including UAE, Lebanon, Belgium, Canada and Portugal

Adma 236 is built for future home owner looking for luxury, flexibility and contemporary design

Besides its superb location overlooking the mediterranean from a wide angle and surrounded by natural greenery in Mount Lebanon, Adma 236 is a private community with modern facilities including an infinity pool on the 4th level, a bathing deck, a gym, Japanese garden, and plenty of trees and green areas. Its facades are completely cladded with natural stones and composite panels combining classic and modern contrast of elements.

Each apartment is unique by itself. Modern and spacious kitchens to insure class and functionality. Wide living areas with open book marble tiling starting 100 cm and up. Full glass facades to allow plenty of light and enjoy the amazing scenery of the mediterranean. High ceiling (330 cm clear) to give the luxury finish and allow your creative design.

All our bedrooms come with their private bathrooms, wide and high window frames, and your choice of marble or parquet. Apartment doors are 240 cm high. All apartments come equipped with concealed cooling and heating systems

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