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Our New Home in Mount Lebanon
April 2, 2017
شقق للبيع في لبنان
April 29, 2017

Adma 236 is a project extending on 4,200 m2 with more than 2,600 m2 of green area. Green space has been associated with a wide range of health benefits, including stress reduction. If you plan to buy a house for sale in Lebanon, Adma 236 is the place to visit first. The landscape is fabulous and nothing abstracts the sea view to Jounieh, Beirut and Amchit.

Adma 236 Entourage

Adma 236 is surrounded by beautifully designed and executed projects that add to the scenery. The Green Zone of Adma is the perfect location for those of you who care for a morning walk with trees and flowers all around, and most importantly no traffic buzz.

Adma 236 Entourage

Many researches had found that exposure to green space in particular when it is close to home reduce stress and will enhance health and will encourage physical activity. This environment is rarely available anywhere in major cities proximity, but Adma 236 properties will surely cater for these unique features.

Adma 236 Entourage

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