Progress of Construction on Site

As of end of March 2017, We are putting the final touches on the exterior stone cladding for the 5 Blocks and the exterior walls.

The Main Electrical and Water connections are completed up to the common area. All metal works are completed on the roofs. Plastering is 100% completed with minor roughing in balance as per customers requests


in compliance with the Best Practice.

Thorough inspection and continuous testing is conducted on daily basis following strict supervision measures. Subcontractors with long years of experience supervised by 3 site engineers and one project manager.


Infinity Swimming Pool on 4th Floor

PPR Installation in Shafts

PPR Installation in Shafts

Work sequence is maintained to ensure long lasting finishing quality and roughing low maintenance.
Best European-only construction materials are used in Project Adma 236 to meet highest standards.
Water Pipes Installation in Shafts

Water Pipes Installation in Shafts

Exterior Stone Cladding

Exterior Stone Cladding


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